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The Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes in Belasitsa

“The Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes" photo expo is now in the Nature Park Belasitsa, Southwestern Bulgaria. You can see it in the Directorate of the Park (the village of Kolaravo, 14, Belasitsa Str.) every working day from 9 to 17,30 till September 15th.

“The Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes" presents images of breathtaking landscapes, wonderful mammals, rare birds and reptiles, beautiful flowers and elusive insects. One of the highlights is the picture of wild horses Tarpans which were resettled again in the Eastern Rhodopes in 2011 by New Thracian Gold project.

The nature of the Eastern Rhodopes is one the richest and best preserved in Europe: its flora includes 1962 plant and its fauna 4329 animal species. The intention of the exhibition is to show the beauty of those wild wonders to a wide audience, to bring nature into people’s heart.

A selection of the photos in the exhibition is included in the recently released Crossbill Guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes for nature lovers, birdwatchers and eco-tourists.

“The wild world of the Eastern Rhodopes” is organized by New Thracian Gold – Bulgaria Foundation in cooperation with Crossbill Guides Foundation and Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation with the media partnership of

So far, many people in Sofia, Kardzhali, Blagoevgard and the Information Centre of National Patk Rila saw the beauty of the Eastern Rhodopes. Later on, the expo will be exhibited in Burgas and other Bulgarian towns.


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