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Farmhopping – an Opportunity for the Organic Producers in the Eastern Rhodopes

Farmhopping – an online platform connecting conventional and organic farms directly with the consumers in the cities - , provides to the organic and in conversion producers of the New Thracian Gold network a perfect opportunity for further developing theirs sales.

“The Wild Farm” of Betty and Nikolay Vassilievi in the village of Gorno Pole, Municipality of Madzharovo has already joined Farmhopping. „“The Wild Farm” is of the two model farms in the NTG project and a member of its network. The project experts hope that more producers from the Eastern Rhodopes will join the platform and start benefiting from its advantages.

The platform represents sustainable farms creating a virtual community where the farmers can offer their products to supporters (aka farmhoppers).

The registration in Farmhopping is free of charge for farms and consumers. See here the website of the platform.


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