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Educational Nature Conservation Academy “Madzharovo 2013”

Young nature-lovers from Haskovo, Kardzhali and Burgas region took part in the Educational Nature Conservation Academy “Madzharovo 2013”at Nature Information and Conservation Center “Eastern Rhodopes” from 4 to 9 August 2013. All participants have excellent results in the Regional Ornithology Olympiad, took part in it.

Within six days the participants had the opportunity to witness and learn more about the biodiversity of the Eastern Rhodopes. They participated in the monitoring of the Griffon and the Egyptian vulture in the area, which is done by the project “The return of the Neophron”, got training on the implementation the methods of Common birds monitoring, learned to identify the specific amphibians and reptiles for Madzharovo region. The young conservationists had the unique chance to see the bats, which inhabit the region around the Nature Information and Conservation Center “Eastern Rhodopes”. The expert from Regional Inspectorate for Environmental and Water Protection – Vladimir Trifonov introduced them to the world of plants.

Most exciting for the participants in the academy was the first meeting with the herd of wild horses Tarpans, which herd was settled in the region of the abandoned village Sbor in Krumovgrad Municipality within the New Thracian Gold project. NTG coordinator in wilderness Hristo Hristov explained them about the role of herbivores for the habitat conservation and the activities of the project about nature restoration.

Every evening experts from different projects active in the Eastern Rhodopes shared with the curious audience their efforts and achievements in conservation of the biodiversity.

All the participants attended the field work and the educational program of the camp with a lot of enthusiasm. They left with promise to come back again in this wonderful place.

This year the Educational Nature Conservation Academy “Madzharovo 2013” was held within the project “Promoting the Nature Information and Conservation Center in Madzharovo and increasing awareness of the wildlife heritage in the Eastern Rhodopes” with the support of New Thracian Gold.


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