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Exploration on New Reintroductions of Fallow Deer in the Eastern Rhodopes

New Thracian Gold experts are exploring the opportunities on future reintroductions of Fallow Deer in the Eastern Rhodopes.

Within the scope of the work, meetings with representatives of the hunting societies in the towns of Kardzhali and Momchilgrad have been organized and field study in the area north of Kardzhali dam lake conducted.  The checked region is extremely suitable for a resettlement of Fallow deer, NTG expert on biodiversity Stefan Avramov informs.

The final decision will be taken in August. The project team relies on the fruitful cooperation with the two hunting societies for the successful reintroduction of Fallow Deer in the western part of the Eastern Rhodopes.

Read here more about NTG work on the restoration of Fallow Deer in the Eastern Rhodopes


Photo (St. Avramov): one of the discussed sites for building a temporary adaptation enclosure

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