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First Red Deer Offspring in Studen Kladenets Reserve

Recently, a Red Deer has been observed in the Game Reserve “Studen Kladenets”. This is the first Red Deer offspring born in the area where in 2012, New Thracian Gold started pilot activities on the reintroduction of the species. NTG experts assume that a few other newborn Red Deer will be seen in the coming weeks.

New Thracian Gold and National Hunting and Fishing Association - Union of Hunters and Anglers in Bulgaria signed in 2011 a contract on the reintroduction of Red Deer in the Eastern Rhodopes. In 2012, fifteen Red Deer were translocated to Studen kladenets. After getting acclimatized in a fenced area the animals were released into the wild. Today they inhabit the territory of the Game reserve and the hunting guards and NTG experts monitor their migrations. We expect  additional 15 animals to be translocated to “Studen Kladenets” in the autumn of 2013. Introducing a few groups in successive years is a good procedure to establish a viable Red Deer population. The aim of this reintroduction project is to have a new population of at least 50 free-living red deer within ten years time in this part of the Eastern Rhodopes.

In the past, the Red Deer was well spread in the Eastern Rhodopes. It was exterminated as a result of the uncontrolled hunting and poaching. Only a few dozen Deer survived in border areas of Eastern and Western Rhodope Mountains in the State Hunting Reserve “Zhenda”.

See here about the NTG activities on the Red Deer reintroduction in the Eastern Rhodopes

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