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Discovering the Eastern Rhodopes Again

Kichka Dyankova, the winner of NTG contest for journey notes "Eastern Rhodopes - taste the wild" in 2012 has rediscovered the beauty of the area in May this year.

Her award was a weekend for two in Ivaylovgrad but Kichka has organized a longer travel through the Eastern Rhodopes. And again came back home with wonderful impressions from the area. Her indispensable guide was Crossbill guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes, which came out in April. Kichka explored the areas of Ivaylovgrad, Madzharovo and Dolno Cherkovishte by car, bike and hiking on in parts of three routes described in the guidebook – sixth, seventh and tenth, as well as part of TransRhodopi Biking and Hiking Route developed by New Thracian Gold.

See here photos she sent to NTG website

You would like to ask you to share your impressions from the Eastern Rhodopes in texts and photos. You will have the opportunity to win an award in the third edition on the contest “Eastern Rhodopes – taste the wild nature” organized by New Thracian Gold.

She the requirements:


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