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Share of Experience Trip of NTG Organic Farmers to Austria, Slovenia and Croatia

From 9 to 19 June, 15 organic producers and processors from the network of New Thracian Gold project will pay an educational visit to Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. The aim is to exchange experience between the Bulgarian and European organic farmers and organic processors.

The group was selected from among 35 producers, including the most committed and active members of the network of NTG from organic products producers and processors.

The program includes visits to the crop (grapes, cereals, fruit, etc.) and livestock farms in three countries. Special attention will be given to agro-biodiversity in agricultural areas - an initiative that NTG project began in 2012 on agricultural land (cereals, orchards and pastures) of several organic products producers from the network of NTG in the Eastern Rhodopes.

Several cooperatives, organic shops and places for direct sales of organic products and foods will be visited.

15 of the NTG organic products producers and processors in the group will be able to obtain information and knowledge which then they can apply in the Eastern Rhodopes, NTG Coordinator on organic farming Ass. Professor Vladislav Popov says.


In 2009, New Thracian Gold project began with 7 certified producers. There are currently over 35 producers and processors who are certified or are in conversion to organic, all controlled by certification bodies, the brochure informs. This network of farmers is regularly informed about new developments and requirements in organic production, and are consulted individually by organic farming experts in the project and receive regular marketing support.

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