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B&B Plan of a Gorno Pole Family is Approved

The plan of the young family Blagovesta and Nikolay Vassilievi for developing B&B in the village of Gorno pole, Haskovo region was approved by the Ministry of the Agriculture. They have applied for funding under the Rural Development Operational Programme.

Betty and Nikolay are the owners of the Wild farm in Gorno pole, where they develop ecotourism. The guests of the farm enjoy the beautiful nature around, adventure tourism activities and the tasty food, most of it organic, prepared by the family.

Subsidized by the Rural Development Programme, Vassilievi family would like to expand the two guest rooms they offer now into a B&B house. The planned house will have a big living/dining room with an attached kitchen on the first floor and four double rooms on the second one.

The New Thracian Gold project has supported Betty and Nikolay in preparing the architectural design and business plan for applying for subsidy from the Rural Development Programme. The project is considering to provide more support to them and to make possible Betty and Nikolay to have B&B operating in a year.

The New Thracian Gold project is working with a unique for Bulgaria approach combining the development of three components: ecotourism, organic farming and wildlife.

Vassilievi family is an example of the operation of the three NTG components – they have guest rooms, produce organic food and maintain a herd of Rhodope Shorthorn cattle. Betty and Nikolay live in the village of Gorno pole after they have graduated. They have four children. These people are the new gold of the Eastern Rhodopes, as BNR, Bulgarian National Radio journalist called them in the program on the region and NTG project.

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