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Research of the Agro-biodiversity in the Eastern Rhodopes Continues

A group of experts made a second visit to the Eastern Rhodopes from 20 to 23 May in order to continue the research of the local agro-biodiversity.

Specialists from the Austrian Council for Agro-engineering and Rural Development - the oldest and leading Austrian organization dealing with agro-environment and nature preservation, and Sonia Karoglan of Ekologika, a Croatian organization with extensive experience in projects for the interaction between agriculture and nature conservation led by Dr. Darko Znaor, Deputy leader of the project New Thracian Gold (NTG) visited the village of Gorno pole. There, together with two experts from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) and five organic producers, they gave specific information on methods for monitoring of agro-biodiversity in organic farms and demonstrated these methods in the natural grassland of “The Wild Farm”.

The visit continued with similar training in the orchard of Georgi Koychev in the village of Zvinitsa and in the grain crops of local organic producersin the village of Kondovo.

Concrete actions of the organic producers and and the consultants were identified by NTG and BSPB until the end of the project.

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