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Film on the Bulgarian Tarpans

Horsefly Films' Sophie Dia Pegrum and Jen Miller have returned home to the USA to begin work editing their film on the Bulgarian Tarpans. They have spent six days in May in the Eastern Rhodopes where in 2011 Tarpans have been reintroduced.

“The Bulgarian Tarpans” is going to be Sophie's and Jen's latest film in their ongoing RARE equine documentary series.

"We weren't sure what to expect from these horses but we were immediately overwhelmed with the incredible natural wonder of the mountain landscape, the abandoned villages succumbed to nature's power and the glorious primitive beauty of the Tarpans. How thrilling to see this family group of re-emerging ancient horses running free through the lush hillsides!”, Jen and Sophie say. Both film makers are especially grateful to our project colleagues Hristo Hristov, NTG coordinator on wilderness and Desislava Kostadinova who gave them “a rare and intimate insight into the Bulgarian Tarpan project”.

“We are very excited to begin working on editing the film together. It's a long process, carving out a beautiful story from hours and hours of film footage and hundreds of photographs but its a labor of love for us to bring this rich tale of this unique species to people everywhere. As a cautionary tale in the world of rare equine breeds, the extinct Tarpan's "resurrection" is especially poignant for our series and for horse lovers everywhere", Sophie and Jen say.

Horsefly Films expects editing and scoring to take 6-8 months, after which time the completed film will be available on DVD and possibly air in festivals and on television. To tell the whole story of the Tarpan and complete this film, Sophie and Jen also filmed the Polish Konnik at Janow Podlaski State Stud in Poland and they will be travelling to Gotland, Sweden in July to film the Gotland pony, close relative of the original Tarpan.


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