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Lecture on Development of Sustainable Tourism in the Eastern Rhodopes

On May 9th, NTG coordinator on ecotourism Mihaela Kircheva delivered a lecture in Otets Paissii School in Kardzhali on “Adventures in the wildlife and development of sustainable tourism in the Eastern Rhodopes".

She introduced the young people to the concept of New Thracian Gold and the most significant results in the component ecotourism: publishing travel guides, promoting the region at tourism fairs, organizing media tours, development of new tourist attractions and tourism products like TransRhodopi bike route, etc.

"We talked about the need we, the locals to appreciate what we have and protect the nature, because only the clean nature attracts ecotourists", Michaela Kircheva says for NTG website. During the lecture, she presented the opportunities for students internships and trainings in New Thracian Gold: and participate in field work - marking paths, cleaning eco-trails and dams, actions for the protection of the biodiversity.






Lecture in school

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