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Two Winners in the NTG Radio Quiz

Koycho Koev from Sofia and Vladimir Popov from Kardzhali are the winners of the NTG Quiz in the show for radio traveling “And now where to?”on BNR, Bulgarian National Radion (Hristo Botev Program) broadcasted live on April 19th.

The major question was Do you know what the new Thracian gold is?

We talked about the TransRhodopi biking route, the Tarpans in the area of Krumovgrad, the Herons colony in Kardzhali, about the delicious local specialties, NTG networks of organic producers and B&B owners, about NTG at Green Days 2013 (25 – 28 April) and the exhibition “The wild world of the Eastern Rhodopes” we open next week in Sofia, about Crossbill guidebook....

The presents for the winners are the TransRhodopi map and Culinary guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes made within NTG project.

Let's hope that we have inspired the listeners of “And now where to?” to go to the Eastern Rhodopes and witness the new Thracian gold – the beautiful nature of this region and its unique biodiversity. We told them they will be back with wonderful and unforgettable impressions. And if they send us photos and travel notes for the NTG contest Eastern Rhodopes – taste the wild nature“, they can win one more award: to see the region again.

Archaeological and cultural sites

Perperikon – Archaeological complex  Location: The complex is located 20 km northeast of Kardzhali, 2 km from the village of...

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TransRhodopi Long distance biking trail

The TransRhodopi Long distance mountain biking trail is developed in the Rhodopi mountains in Bulgaria. The trail is mainly off-road. It is built...

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