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The President announced the Need of Strategy for the Eastern Rhodopes

President Georgi Parvanov announced the need of a special strategy for the development of the Eastern Rhodopes. The President paid a visit on May 20 to Kardzhali, where he met the Mayor Hasan Azis and participated in the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Kаrdzhali branch of the Plovdiv University.

According to the President the strategy should have special programmes for attracting young teachers and doctors in the area, as well as tax concessions for those who come from outside. He hopes that the strategy will encourage the development of transport links and the electronic industry. We need more dynamic communications within the trans-border cooperation, President Parvanov underlined.

The President believes that the strategy will be part of a joint European concept for regional development. Europe is a union of regions, not so much of countries, he said.

Parvanov pointed out that his political career has started from Kardzhali. "Who starts from here, could become a president“, he added.

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