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Accommodation places in the Eastern Rhodopes

For first time New Thracian Gold presents catalog of accommodation places in the Eastern Rhodopes, financially supported by the owners of the houses and hotels in the area. All the partners of the tourism component of the project are included - 15 sites in total.

Five more guest houses, are about to be built in the next two years, in the villages Tankovo, ​​Potochnitsa, Pelevun and Kostilkovo.

The catalog is a good example of sustainable bilateral partnership between local entrepreneurs and NTG. "Only together under a single brand and a common vision we will be able to distinguish ourselve as a destination for ecotourism Eastern Rhodopes, for which we work hard to enforce in recent years," said coordinator ecotourism for the project - Michaela Kircheva.

Bike Route Rudopia

The Rudopia (Рудопия) is a 440 km long mountain bike route, marked with arrows and signs in the Rhodopi mountains, developed by...

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Wineries and wine tastings

Winery Trakia in the village of Popovets ive varieties of Dyado Dimovo Domashno Vino (Grandfather's Dimo Home-made Wine) are available to...

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