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Beautiful Anemone Pavolina Blooms in the Eastern Rhodopes

The colorful Peacock anemone (Anemone pavonina) is a very striking early spring flower in the meadows and forests of the Eastern Rhodopes. Early April the NTG wilderness officers found the first blooming plants.

The Peacock anemone reaches a height of 10-30 cm and prefers dry grassy and rocky places, but also occurs in light oak and hornbeam forests. Its beautiful flowers are colored most often in purple-pink gamma, rarely seen are variations with red or white flowers.

The Latin name of this beautiful flower comes from Greek and means "daughter of the wind", probably because even the slightest breath of wind swings its gentle colors.

The Peacock anemone is a representative of Mediterranean floral elements. In Bulgaria, it occurs also in Strandzha, at the Black Sea coast and in the Struma River valley.


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