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Introduction to the Unique Biodiversity of the Eastern Rhodopes

First week of April, a team of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB/Birdlife Bulgaria) visited nine schools in Haskovo town and the region.

More than 520 students between 7 – 17 years old got acquainted with the unique biodiversity in the Eastern Rhodopes.  They learned interesting facts about the rare and protected plant and animal species which are symbols of the region. Students had the opportunity to hear about the rare orchids and the endemic Orpheus flower called Rhodope haberlea. They understood the importance of the extensive grazing for maintaining the natural habitats and had special interest on the protection of the tortoises.

Students were proud to learn that Eastern Rhodopes are the last place where Griffon vultures still breed in Bulgaria and the region around Madzharovo is of a key importance for the conservation of the endangered Egyptian vulture.  Teachers and their pupils were invited to see these rare and charismatic species in the wild by visiting the Nature Information and Conservation Center “Eastern Rhodopes” in Madzharovo. Twenty schools in five municipalities – Madzharovo, Krumovgrad, Momchilgrad and Kardzhali - will be visited till the end of this month.

This activity is implemented under the project “Promoting the Nature Information and Conservation center in Madzharovo and increasing awareness of wildlife heritage in the Eastern Rhodopes” supported by New Thracian Gold project for the sustainable development of the Eastern Rhodopes.

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