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First Egyptian Vultures are back to Bulgaria

The first Egyptian vultures for this year were spotted in Studen KladenetsHunting Reserve in the protected area with the same name, part of Natura 2000. Click here to see the the footage from the video camera.

The Egyptian Vulture is a migratory species: they migrate every year to spend the winter in Africa and return in spring to their breeding grounds.

In recent decades, the number of Egyptian Vulture decreased substantially and it has been declared as a globally threatened species. Today, thanks to the feeding program and active protection organized by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) the Eastern Rhodopes are one of the very few places in Europe where there is a stable population of about 30 nesting pairs.

In 2008, the Union of Hunters and Fishermen in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and BSPB proposed Boynik area, located on the south banks ofStuden KladenetsReservoir, to be declared a protected site. So far the Bulgarian government did not yet respond positively according to NTGs biodiversity expert Stefan Avramov.

The Egyptian Vulture is a very attractive and interesting species for photographers and birdwatchers. End of May NTG will organize a photo workshop inStuden Kladenets, where the vultures and other interesting birds shall be highlighted.

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