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Joint actions of alpinists and environmentalists for protection rare birds in the Eastern Rhodopes

Rock climbers and NTG team experts acted synchronously and showed how rare birds can be saved and protected through joint actions.

Days before climbing "Momina Skala 2011" which took place from 22 to 25 April in the Kardzhali region, experts of The New Thracian gold“ project and Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds found there a new colony of Griffon vulture. Climbers and environmentalists reached an agreement for the reorganization of climbing in a way that will not disturb the rare birds. Climbing been shifted to the eastern part of the rocks where there weren't any nesting vultures. The climbers agreed not to undertake climbings on the southern part of the rocks where the vultures nest.

During the joint with climbers activities a representative of the New Thracian Gold" team carried out observations on interesting animal species.

 The Rocky complex of Momina skala (The Maid’s Rock) near the town of Kardjali has got an exceptional rich biological diversity and its nearness to the town creates unique opportunities for its demonstration.

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