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New Ordinance on Organic Farming Rules Comes into Force

A new ordinance on enforcing the rules about organic farming and control over production and labeling of organic products was promulgated in the Official Gazette (Issue 16, 19.2.2013), the Ministry of Agriculture and Food informs.

The ordinance revokes Ordinance 22 dated July 4, 2001 for the organic production of plants, plant products and foods of plant origin and its marking on them, and Ordinance 35 dated August 30, 2001 on the organic farming of animals and organic production of animal products and foods of animal origin and its marking on them.

The new ordinance regulates the implementation of the policy on production, labeling and control of organic products as well as the set-up and the maintenance of a database about producers, processors and providers of organic products and foods, the application of rules supporting the shift towards organic production, etc.


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See here Official Gazette (Issue 16, 19.2.2013) – in Bulgarian

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