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Record High Number of Griffon Vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes

From 13 to 16 of February, Griffon vultures monitoring was carried out in the Eastern Rhodopes. All nesting cliffs along Arda river were visited during this survey. 67 pairs in total were registered, 49 of which were incubating while the rest were building nest and courtship displaying. In comparison - the previous year 60 pairs were established, of which only 52 pairs incubating, BSPB informs.

An interesting observation during the monitoring was the presence of two marked birds within two of the incubating pairs. These are birds with wing tags K1M and 10, both of them released in the region of Stara Planina Mountain within a project for reintroduction of vultures, coordinated by our colleagues from Green Balkans NGO and Wild Flora and Fauna Fund.

During the four days of monitoring 3 other birds with wing tags were observed as well.

Long-term monitoring shows that in the late 80s the population consisted of only 13 pairs while gradual increase of the population has been observed during last years. In 2012 absolute maximum of the population was established – 60 pairs. Observation during this year will last until the end of the breeding season in August when the last juveniles are expected to fledge and head wandering in the Middle East.

The monitoring is executed with New Thracian Gold support.

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