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Fallow Deer in the Area of the Village of Tintyava, Eastern Rhodopes

The first five of the total of 30 Fallow Deer were recently introduced in the area of the village of Tintyava (Kriumovgrad Municipality) in the Eastern Rhodopes. This is the result of the  New Thracian Gold (NTG) efforts to reintroduce the Fallow Deer in the territory of the all Eastern Rhodopes.

During the first months the animals will stayin a temporary enclosure and in spring they will be released into the wild.

Fallow Deer was exterminated from the region of Tintyava one thousand years ago.  The reintroduction project is a joint effort of NTG , Hunting Society “Sokol”-Krumovgrad and Tintyava hunting group. The three partner organisations are convinced that the joint initiative will guarantee a successful recovery of the Fallow Deer in Tintyava.

One of the important roles of Fallow Deer in nature is maintaining the mosaic landscape of the Eastern Rhodopes. This process of natural grazing is of great importance for the protection of the rich biodiversity in the region.Fallow Deer contributes to a more attractive landscape, which will attract green tourists and improve the income of the local population.

Fallow Deer for Tintyava were taken from the area of  “Studen Kladenets” Game Reserve where there are nearly 1,500 animals.

The reintroduction of Fallow Deer in the Eastern Rhodopes is part of a larger program of New Thracian Gold to bring back to the nature and increase the number of the original large herbivores in this region, like Rhodopi Shorthorn Cattle, wild horses Tarpans, Red Deer and Fallow Deer.


See here more about the efforts of NTG on reintroduction of Fallow Deer


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