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Usury magazine: Onward to Ivaylovgrad.

"Back to the Nature. Onward to Ivaylovgrad." Under this headline the magazine "Usuri" presents in its January issue an article, about the beautiful area of ​​Ivaylovgrad, its stunning nature and hospitable people. Author of the article is "New Thracian Gold" team member Iva Toncheva

 Back to the nature. The appeal of the educators is more urgent than ever, although in another dimension. Back to the nature because more and more people get lost in their daily life in a modern world dominated by concrete, asphalt and materialism. It is easy saying go back. But then which is the way forward?

Go south to Ivaylovgrad. The view will fascinate you. The hills with their soft roundness where your eyes rest, and your soul is replenished. Other thing that will fascinate you are the people - warm, friendly, calm - asthe author writes.

 The article tells about Miro Huskov from the village of Plevun, a young man who returned from the big city and the work in foreign countries to breed sheep. The family started with 26 sheep and today there are 300. Not like it’s easy, but Miro sees more advantages - almost all day in the nature, nobody in charge, working for yourself. Miro’s "Back to Nature" philosophy, already is measured with steps on the "path of the cheese." Miro shows tourists and visitors how milk becomes cheese and butter. Something so simple years ago, today a tourist attraction. "Draw me a sheep," the little prince asked. At Miro’s place in Plevun children can see, touch or draw a sheep, and even try to milk one. His hospitable sheep farm is unique in Bulgaria!

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