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Research on Possibilities for New Photo Hides in the Eastern Rhodopes

On February 5th, the experts on biodiversity in New Thracian Gold Hristo Hristov and Stefan Avramov and on ecotourism e Mihaela Kircheva walked  together with Nikolay Vassiliev from "The Wild Farm" in the village of Gorno Pole, partner in the project is the area as part of a research on a suitable location where a hide for photographic tourism to be built.

Four places were researched of which only one is suitable for this type of tourism. Factorsheight, light, background, access, etc. Were taken into account.  A decision is still about to be made about the type of the hide would be appropriate to develop at the site.

The hide is part of the strategy for the development of ecotourism in the region of Gorno pole that NTG is executing in partnership with "The Wild Farm". The plan  consists of the already opened in the village guest house, buying mobile hides for photographing the various birds, placing birdhouses, promoting the hide with photographic workshops and promoting the Lond distance biking route that passes through the village Gorno pole.

See here photos from the day

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