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Guest House of the NTG Network obtained Tourist Category Star

The guest house "Grocery Trakya" in the village of Popovets, Municipality of Stambolovo, obtained in December the official certificate for its tourist category "one star". The owner of the guest house is Dimo Karaboyukov from the New Thracian Gold network. He accommodates  tourists and he is also a producer of organic grapes and wine.

Six guests can stay overnight in the house of Uncle Dimo.  After his place got the “one star” qualification, he welcomed his first guests who celebrated the newyear. The tourists who stay in  "Grocery Trakya" have the opportunity to do interesting day trips to nearby Perperikon, Valchi Dol, "Momina Skala" Protected site, Deaf Stones, Vulture Center, Cromlech, Kovan Kaya, Devils Canyon, etc.

Dimo Karaboyukov grows 52 decares of vineyard with wine and dessert grapes. In December 2012, a certificate for Karaboyukov organic grapes has been issued. Karaboyukov maintains in his house a small winery. He produces rosé, red and white wine. Since 2011 Karaboyukov has an organic certificate for alfalfa (40 decares).  

Dimo Karaboyukov is one of the active members of the New Thracian Gold network who  opened their farms to visitors and tourists since 2012. Find more information here

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