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„Momina Skala” Route Near Madzharovo

New Thracian Gold experts Hristo Hristov, Mihaela Kircheva and Stefan Avramov collected GPS information about Momina Skala Route that in Madzharovo, goes near the border of Momina Skala protected site and along Ara River turns back to Madzharovo. The route is going to be included in the Crossbill guidebook on the Eastern Rhodopes which Dutch experts of the Foundation of the same name are working at the moment.

In spring, part of the Route will be remarked. The colors of the marking of "Momina Skala" are white-yellow-white-blue and it be easily distinguished from other eco trails in the area.

"Momina Skala" Route offers wonderful views to the Eastern Rhodopes and an abundance of wild flowers and animals. There's a bit of everything: habitats of lilac orchids and semiprecious stones amethyst, jasper and quartz, wild horses, vultures soaring in the sky, Rhodope Shorthorn cattle, reptiles, turtles and many others.

Crossbill guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes (in English only) describes routes in the Bulgarian and Greek part of the mountain. It will be published in spring 2013. The target audience of the Crossbill guidebook are avid nature lovers.

See here photos on the work of the NTG experts



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