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Two new protected sites for Rare Plants in Kardzhali District

Minister of Environment and Water Nona Karadzhova  signed 11 orders  for  declaring new protected sites  with a total size of 126,9 ha.

Among those small reserves are the habitats of Provence orchid (Orchis provincialis) in the area of the village of Apriltsi, Kirkovo Municipality and  Rhodope mullein (Verbascum spathulisepalum) in the area of the village of Gorno Uruci, Municipality Krumovgrad (Eastern Rhodopes).

Also on the list is the habitat of Crab apple (Eriolobus trilobata) in the area of village of Belopolyane, Municipality Ivaylovgrad.

Several sites with rare plants in the districts of Vidin, Haskovo, Blagovgrad, Ruse and Yambol are declared protected now as well.

In January 2013, the total number of protected areas in Bulgaria (including the new sites) is 984, with a total area of 584,000 hectares, which is approximately 5.3% of the country territory.


See here the decision (in Bulgarian)

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