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Eastern Rhodopes in Luxury Travel Guide 2013

Bulgaria and the Eastern Rhodopes with its stunning beauty and rich biodiversity are presented in the Luxury Travel Guide 2013European edition, released in January by  Corporate LiveWire.

By taking a nature tour through the great outdoors you will enrich all of your senses, Mihaela Kircheva, NTG eco tourism coordinator writes in her article for the guidebook. The view to the mythical Eastern Rhodopes, which she describes, can make every nature lover to go in this region of Europe: The stunning Rhodope Mountains stretch across southern Bulgaria reaching parts of northern Greece. Well and truly off the beaten path - it is one of the last remaining places in Europe to see brown bears, lynx and a fine array of birds of prey in the wild.

The Eastern Rhodopes hosts some of the finest hiking treks in all of Europe. Like any mountain range, the Eastern Rhodopes is also home to fascinating climbing opportunities. If you visit even only once the Rhodope Mountains, your heart will remain in it forever and you will wish to return in the beautiful mountain again and again, to breathe pure its crystalline air, to travel across its nooks and to climb its peaks, Mihaela writes.

The New Thracian Gold team of professionals has a passion for bringing people the best and most authentic experiences possible.

Corporate LiveWire is a leading online business platform based in UK. Their readers consist of business/corporate professionals around the world. Over 180,000 subscribers are to their Luxury travel guides and newsletters. The Corporate LiveWire website has monthly over 90,000 unique visitors. Most of the readers are based in Europe, mainly from the UK, Germany, Russia and France.


See here the article of Mihaela Kircheva in Luxury Travel Guide 2013 

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