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NTG Tourist Attraction in BNT Documentary

On December 30th, the tourist attraction “The Route of Cheese” was presented in the documentary of BNT, Bulgarian National Television on Municipality of Ivaylovgrad (Eastern Rhodopes) broadcasted within the program Patuvai s BNT 2 (Traveling with BNT 2).

The attraction was launched in the sheep farm of Huskov's family in the village of Pelevun in September 2012 with the financial support of the New Thracian Gold. Tourists and visitors can witness the milking process and all steps for making yoghurt and cheese. The also can enjoy the local folklore traditions and songs.

The documentary presented the beautiful nature of Ivaylovgrad, one of the best preserved in the country. A big part of the territory of Ivaylovgrad municipality is in Natura 2000 network. In this region you can see many rare flowers and birds.

The film showed several highlights of Ivaylovgrad region – the ancient villa Armira, Lyutitsa fortress, the church "St. Konstantin and Elena" in the village of Dolno Lukovo, the church and the museum in the village of Pelevun.

The region is known for its delicious red wine and unique old culinary recipes. The viewers witnesses how zelnik (cabbage pie) from the village of Svirachi is made.


 See here the BNT documentary on Ivaylovgrad and here traditional dishes from the Eastern which you can find in the Culinary Guidebook to the region produced by NTG project

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