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Unique Fossil Fish Exhibited in Museum of History in Kardzhali

A fossilized fish, whose age has been estimated at thirty-four million years is exhibited in the Regional Museum of History in the town of Kardzhali, Standart daily reports.

The precious fossil was classified only recently, as there aren't many fossil experts in Bulgaria. "Such finds of fossilized fish in Bulgaria are extremely rare," said Mrs. Lidiya Kirilova, curator of the museum's Nature department.

In November, Dr. Zerina Johanson and Peter Forey of the Natural History Museum in London concluded that the Kardzhali fossil is a pre-historic bony fish of the Eolates genus and it is at least thirty-four million years old.

The rare fossil was discovered in 1978 during construction works
in the area of the village Novo Sokolino (Momchilgrad Municipality) in the Eastern Rhodopes.

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