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Tourism Strategy for Kardzhali: 30 % More Foreign Tourists by 2015

The visits of the foreign tourists to grow up to 30% by 2015 – this is one of the highlights of the Strategy for the development of the tourism in Kardzhali District. As prerequisites for attracting investments to the sector and thus to the economic growth of the region are listed the new archeological discoveries in the Eastern Rhodopes and the interests of the people to the alternatives tourism forms: cultural, historical, rural, religious, mountain hunting and fishing.

In December, the public discussion of the document lasted more than two hours, Standart daily reports. Tour operators, representatives of the hotel and restaurant business, museum experts and municipality specialist participated in the discussion. The key words in the draft of the strategy are sustainability,continuity, partnership and preservation of the local identity.

The favorable geographical location, the rich historical and cultural heritage, the unique nature, the living traditions, the authentic folklore and the competitive prices were identified as the most strong sides of the Eastern Rhodopes. Several factors that block the development of the sector were mentioned: the poor quality of the roads, the difficult access for disabled people to the tourist attractions and the insufficient promotion of the region.

We need a better coordination between the regional and the local authorities, between the private and public sectors, the Governor of Kardzhali Ivanka Taushanova pointed out.


See here the full text of the Tourism strategy draft (in Bulgarian)

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