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Dutch Еnvironmentalist Talks about the Eastern Rhodopes

The eastern part of the Rhodopes is the most beautiful tourist destination. This opinion of NTG expert Johan Bekhuis is the highlight of the reportage broadcasted by BNR, Bulgarian National radio (Radio Bulgaria) in several languages in November. 

Just like other Dutch citizens who are used to the urbanized lowlands of their country, Mr. Bekhuis has learned to enjoy wild nature and mountains. That is why he loves visiting Bulgaria and he is not the only one, the journalist says.

Thousands of tourists from The Netherlands visit Bulgaria every year to hike along the mountain paths and see wild animals, or just enjoy the pristine nature. Johan Bekhuis, who works for a Dutch experts’ organisation for sustainable development of tourism says that the Rhodope Mountain and especially the border area with Greece is a perfect destination for ecotourism. “I first came to Bulgaria in 1985,” he recalls. At that time Bulgaria was still behind the Iron Curtain and he came here with little knowledge of the country. What he saw was way beyond his expectations.

Recently the border area in the Rhodopes has started to attract more tourists and with the help of Dutch and Bulgarian environmentalists the locals have started to work for the development of sustainable tourism in the region, according to European standards. A number of guesthouses already welcome tourists here and promote the beauty of the place.

The Rhodope Mountain and the border region with Greece is one of the best destinations for lovers of nature in Europe, Mr. Bekhuis says.

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