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In the Eastern Rhodopes with SmartBirds

If you are around Madzharovo, Studen Kladenets, Krumovitsa, Byala Reka, Ivaylovgrad dam lake and in other Natura 2000 sites in the Eastern Rhodopes, you have already a fantastic tool to distinguish the birds you see.

The first environmental application for smartphones SmartBirds combines a birds identifier, an electronic diary of observations and information on Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria. And what’s more, it is free of charge.

SmartBirds is the first in Bulgaria and one of the very few applications worldwide for smartphones and other mobile devices to identify the birds. It presents all 269 birds nesting in Bulgaria. The application contains images of the birds, a map indicating their distribution in Bulgaria and information about plumage features, what they eat, their preferred habitats and where in Bulgaria they can be observed. It also includes brief information about their breeding cycle, migration periods, conservation status and threats they are facing.

This free of charge application is suitable for starters and professionals alike. It is a very nice tool to help interested amateurs to become real birdwatchers

The application runs under the Android operating system and can be downloaded free of charge from or from Google Play.

The application was created by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds with the financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

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