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Black and Griffon Vultures near Pelevun in the Eastern Rhodopes

In October, Black and Griffon Vultures were photographed at the supplementary feeding site near the village of Pelevun, Eastern Rhodopes. The photo-trap has taken amazing photos in October, Green Balkan announces. Black Vulture no longer breeds in Bulgaria.

The supplementary feeding provided by Green Balkans within the Vultures Return in Bulgaria LIFE08 NAT/BG/278 Project has attracted three Black Vultures and 15 Griffon Vultures on October 12th, while just a day later already 6Black Vultures have appeared.

There are four tagged Black Vultures among the birds photographed in October (17, 21, 47, 56) and at least four other non-tagged birds. Black Vultures are considered extinct as nesting species in Bulgaria. The last breeding pair of the species was found by Green Balkans in Eastern Rhodopes in 1993 but later disappeared. Fortunately there is still a colony in Dadia Reserve, Northern Greece and birds from there often visit Bulgaria in search of food. Green Balkans has been maintaining the supplementary feeding site near Pelevun (Ivaylovgrad Municipality) since 1997, hoping to attract youngsters from that colony to nest here as well.

Among the other birds photographed we were glad to discover several “old fellows”- K4P – one-year-old Griffon Vultures, released in July from the adaptation aviary near Kotel and K5H – an adult female, released in August from the aviary in Sinite Kamani Nature Park. It looks like the “Balkan” vultures have adapted well, managing to discover their mates in the Eastern Rhodopes and being able to find food for themselves.

The closest colony of Griffon Vultures is found near Madzharovo and the Studen kladenets Reservoir. In 2012, BSPB counted a total of 52 nesting pairs, which managed to raise some 36 chicks.


See here the phantastic photos of the joint lunch of Black and Griffon Vultures

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