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Griffon Vultures Hatched in the Eastern Rhodopes

Three small Griffon vultures hatched in the Eastern Rhodopes, the team of the New Thracian Gold project found out. A few dozen couples in several colonies are still incubating and expect to hatch their young soon.

In the past thousands of Griffon vultures lived in Bulgaria. In the 20th century the vultures became victim of the massive anti-wolve campaigns with poisenous bait. The toxic carrion appeared to be lethal for the vultures and the birds got extinct.


In the 80’s a couple of Griffon vultures nested again in the Eastern Rhodopes. Nowadays, thanks to the conservation work of the environmentalists from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds more than 40 couples of Griffon vultures nest in the Eastern Rhodopes. Their colonies are protected in several reserves and areas along the Arda river. Griffon Vulture is included in Bulgaria's Red Book of endangered species.

In Bulgaria the Griffon Vulture nests only in the Eastern Rhodopes. Every year, thousands of foreigners visit this region to observe these gigantic birds and take pictures. For photographing vultures there are several shelters near to the town Madzharovo and Studen Kladenets.


Madzharovo is a small Eastern Rhodopean town with approximately 500 inhabitants. The town is named after its protector from 1913 - Dimitar...

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