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Appeal for Caution on the Roads in the Eastern Rhodopes for the Otters

The otter is listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria due to the strong decrease of their population. In the Eastern Rhodopes exists one of their densest populations. The otters inhabit lakes, rivers and ponds and eat mainly fish. It is very difficult to observe otters because these animals are mainly active during the night.

Unfortunately, many otter observations deal with traffic kills. Recently Hristo Hristov, NTG-coordinator on wilderness and biodiversity, reported two otters, found dead on the road in the Kardzhali region. The animal were hit by a car during their migration.

Currently, the otters do their seasonal migration and cross roads and bridges, where the animals easily become victim, especially when the drivers’ speed exceeds the limits. Therefore, Hristo Hristov urgently requests the drivers to be very careful at night, especially where the road passes near rivers and dams.

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