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Kardzhali Joined European Bird Days

On October 7th, many people watched birds in the unique Heron colony in the city center of Kardzhali. The town joined the European Bird Days (6-7 October 2012). It was a joint action of New Thracian Gold project (NTG), BSPB, children from the nature protection group of St. Cyril and Methodios High School in Kardzhali and the young volunteers from NTG Eco club. Also Dutch student Tim Asbreuk participated, who is a keen birdwatcher.

The Bird watching event was organized on the new bridge on Arda River. Children and all interested pedestrians who passed by had the opportunity to observe the birds in the Heron colony with telescopes and binoculars. Hristo Hristov, NTG’s wildlife and biodiversity coordinator, told interesting details about the Herons and about bird migration. The children learned that the protection of the bird habitats is very important.

The young nature lovers got training on making bird feeders from plastic bottles. Several children made paintings and drawings of birds.

The children from the nature protection group of St. Cyril and Methodios High School had prepared special brochures about the Pygmy Cormorant, Little Bittern and Squacco Heron, which they distributed to the people who passed the bridge.

Unfortunately, not only beautiful birds like Mallard, Pygmy Cormorant, Common Kingfisher and Mute Swan could be observed, but also anglers and motor bikers disturbing the birds.

See here photos from the event

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