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Workshop on Natural Grazing in Madzharovo

On October 4th 2012, New Thracian Gold organized a workshop on natural grazing. The meeting was in the Madzharovo Vulture Center. Participants were those farmers who participate in NTG’s grazing program.

During the workshop the participants shared experiences and ideas about the improvement of herd management. Fokko Erhart, NTG-expert on natural grazing from Free Nature Foundation explained the Dutch experience in raising wild horses and cattle. He also instructed the farmers how to recognize and describe the horses' individual features.

Within the framework of the NTG-program herds of Shorthorn Rhodopi cattle, Karakachan horses and Tarpans have been established, which are raised in a semi-natural way. These herds maintain the pastures in the protected NATURA 2000 zones Madzharovo, Krumovitsa and Byala Reka by way of natural grazing.

The natural grazing by large herbivores is a key process for appropriate development and natural maintenance of ecosystems. The characteristic Eastern Rhodopes mosaic landscape and its unique biodiversity are largely dependent on those grazing effects.

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