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NTG Eco club participated in the cleaning of the Heron colony in Kardzhali

On 29 September 2012, NTG Youth Eco club took action to clean-up people's waste in the Heron colony in the riverbed of the Arda in the town of Kardzhali. Their leader and NTG coordinator on wildlife Hristo Hristov headed the activity.

 In total, around 200 volunteers participated in the action. Many of them expressed their will to become members of the Eco club. The Eco-club was established in 2008 within the project "Future of the Herons" of the Cultural center "Obedinenie 1913"Kardzhali.

 The cleaning action was organized by the Cultural center "Obedinenie 1913"Kardzhali. The center is working on a project for the protection of the Heron colony that is financed by Mt-tel Eco grants Program. Additionally 150 trees will be planted in the colony to protect the herons. The young Eco club volunteers will operate as green patrols. They will make an educational film and develop a multimedia presentation on the Heron colony and its problems, which will be presented to their peers from Kardzhali schools.


See here NTG news item on the Heron colony from May 2012

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