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Ivaylovgrad region raises tourism potential

A record total of  400 visitors were welcomed in  the Roman villa Armira during the four days holiday period  around September 6th, Unity Day. These visitors were mainly Bulgarian family groups and Greek tourists, Ivaylovgrad Mayor, Diana Ovcharova told to NTG website.

In 2011 a total of 4,577 tourists and 509 guests to Ivaylovgrad visited City Historical Museum and Villa Armira. By the end of August 2012 the preliminary totals for both attractions were 2,528 tourists and 299 guests, according to  Maria Toneva, guide in Ivaylovgrad’s Tourist Information Center .

 The Ivaylovgrad Mayor is convinced the Ivaylovgrad region has a great potential for tourism – historical, nature, wine, culinary, etc.

Villa Armira and Fortress Lyutitsa are among the Ivaylovgrad highlights. The region is famous for its delicious grapes and good wine. The first edition of the Festival “Culinary Heritage of Thrace” (1-2 September) attracted many visitors and it is already listed in the Official calendar of Ivaylovgrad Municipality. Nature is another highlight. Byala Reka Meanders protected site, the second largest in territory of the Eastern Rhodopes (1532 ha) is located in Ivaylovgrad area. The region is ranked second in Bulgaria with respect to diversity of butterflies (more than 100 species). The area is also famous for its wild orchids and Likana protected site is called the kingdom of the orchids.

In September, a new tourist attraction “The Route of Cheese” has been opened in Plevun with New Thracian Gold support. In the area of the village of Kostilkovo the NTG-team released a herd of Karakachan horses as a nature management tool. Being selective grazers their role is to support the local nature restoration.

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