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Eastern Rhodopes Have a Great Potential for Ecotourism – Frank Zanderink

The Eastern Rhodopes have everything necessary for the development of ecotourism, the leader of the Dutch-Bulgarian project New Thracian Gold Frank Zanderink pointed out in a live interview at the morning talk show on BNT, Bulgarian National Television on September 17th 2012.

Bulgaria has a lot to be proud of as one of the rare European countries largely unaffected by human hands. The Eastern Rhodopes are in the champions league of biodiversity with a stunning variety of reptiles, butterflies, birds, orchids and other plants, Frank Zanderink said.

New Thracian Gold is like a tripod based on its three components - wildlife, ecotourism and organic farming, the NTG leader added. The project incorporates the Dutch experience in its Eastern Rhodopes initiatives. "We lost most Dutch nature and we are working now on its restoration. With this restoration experience we can be helpful in Bulgaria”, Frank Zanderink said.


See here the video of the interview and herephoto story

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