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Biking tours in the Eastern Rhodopes will be presented at the opening of the Mobility Week

On 16 September, fantastic new opportunities for biking tours in the Eastern Rhodopes will be presented by New Thracian Gold (NTG) at the official opening of the European Mobility Week  in the underpass of the Sofia University.  The Long Distance Rhodopean biking trail is one of the highlights.

Dutch Princess Laurentien van Oranje pays a second visit to Bulgaria at the invitation of Credo Bonum Foundation to open the European Mobility Week. On September 16th  (11 am in the iunderpass of the Sofia University), the Princess will launch the Mobility Week initiatives together with Dutch Ambassador Karel van Kesteren.

During the ceremony various events will take place - free safety biking trainings, an exhibition of bicycles, a cardboard workshop for children, etc.  At the NTG desk, participants and visitors can obtain lots of promotion materials on the Eastern Rhodopes and buy the tourist map, the guidebook, the recipe booklet and local organic products.

On 15 September, Princess Laurentien will participate in a children’s workshop on nature protection in the Credo Bonum Gallery. Young guys from the NTG Eco club will inform the Princess and the kids about the Eastern Rhodopes and their stunning biodiversity, about its endangered species and rare flowers, about the wild Tarpan horses which were  reintroduced in 2011.

Like in an imaginary journey of Mr. Finney to the Eastern Rhodopes, Princess Laurentien and the kids will undergo the adventures with vultures, shorthorn cattle, Karakachan horses and other characteristic animals in the Eastern Rhodopes. It highlights the importance of nature protection in the region, which is one of the pivotal tasks of New Thracian Gold.

Princess Laurentien is also Special Advisor for Rewilding Europe. One of the goals of the Rewilding Europe programme is “to rewild 1 million ha (10,000 km²) across 10 places in Europe covering different regions” in 2020. A few months ago, the Eastern Rhodopes were selected on the short list of the potential candidates for Rewilding Europe. 


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