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NTG at the festival “The Culinary heritage of Thrace”


"New Thracian Gold" (NTG) will present organic products and the issued by the project Culinary Guide to the Eastern Rhodopes on the first-ever festival of traditional food, livelihood and Crafts “Culinary Heritage of Thrace.”

The festival is organized on 1 and 2 September in Ivaylovgrad by the local community center "Probuda 914".

Organic and in transition producers from "New Thracian Gold" network will present their products - grapes, wine, nuts, sesame seeds, tahini, honey, apples, herbs. At the two stands, of NTG, there will be many materials published by the project - tourist maps and the Guidebook of Eastern Rhodopes, tourist brochures and leaflets with information on the area attractions and visits to the organic farms. At the festival you can buy the Culinary Guide to Eastern Rhodopean recipes for local meals that can be prepared with organic products, and information on how users can contact the producers.

Associate professor Vladislav Popov, coordinator for organic farming in NTG will present the activities and achievements of the project, as well as new initiatives to support organic farmers in the region.

The program of the festival includes tasting, demonstration and training of crafts, selling souvenirs, paintings, postcards, and variety of products. Participants will be producers of fruits and vegetables, honey, tahini, wine, brandy, pasta, dairy products, jams, herbs and spices, masters of weaving, and artists. There will be chefs from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey who will present dishes of national cuisine of the three countries. One of the attractions will be a demonstration of carving of fruits and vegetables by an elite chef. In culinary preparations will be included amateur chefs from Ivaylovgrad area.

The event is supported by the Foundation "America for Bulgaria" and "Agora" platform on project "Active Communities Through the Community Centers in Bulgaria." The project aims to promote traditional local economy, food and crafts. The organizers intend to organize the festival every year and incorporate it into part of the "culture map" of Ivaylovgrad.

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