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Results of the volunteer work in Madzharovo

In total, 19 volunteers participated in the traditional nature conservation camp organized by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds in the Conservation Center "Eastern Rhodopes" in Madzharovo from 11 to 17 August. The work was hard, but in six days the participants did a lot, Sanye Mumun, animator at the Center reported for NTG website. What have the volunteers done:

  • Renovated and upgraded fence of the new tourist trail toward the shelter for bird watching;
  • All information boards around the conservation center and along the river got new epoxy coating that will ensure the sustainability of the signs in the coming years;
  • The front sign to the conservation center was restored;
  • The fence in the car park of the center was repaired and painted;
  • All railings and fences of the Center are painted anew;
  • All places for tents located behind the Center were cleaned and enhanced;
  • A special canal was dug through which will pass the cable of the future video camera of the feeding site for vultures;
  • The whole feeding site is surrounded by 10 cm concrete to meet all sanitary requirements;
  • The fence of the feeding site was repaired;
  • Areas around nature site "Kovan Kaya" and one of the summer houses near Madzharovo were cleaned.

The camp and the activities were sponsored by New Thracian Gold (NTG) project. BSPB thanks also all the volunteers who joined "Madzharovo - 2012."

See here the photos sent to us by Sanie


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