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NTG at Beglika Fest 2012

Many tourists, nature lovers and representatives of environmental organizations passed by the stand at Beglika Fest 2012 (17-19 August) where New Thracian Gold (NTG) was presented. They took materials of the project and had the opportunity to talk with the NTG eco tourism coordinator Mihaela Kircheva and biodiversity expert Stefan Avramov.

NTG’s stand was in a tent with Biodiversity Foundation, a dairy from Stara Zagora and the Small Grants Programme of the Global Environment Fund in Bulgaria.

The visitors of the Festival staands were mostly attracted by the organic products, eco souvenirs and toys. The eco products were very well respected, but also those that got a second life thanks to eco ideas and tips.

An exhibition devoted to rare and endangered butterflies in Bulgaria was organized during the festival. One of the highlights were the butterflygames for children: drawing, coloring, making butterfly masks and souvenirs.

Beglika Fest is a place for sharing eco ideas and best practices for protecting the environment and living in harmony with the nature. The festival was attended by many colleagues and partners of the New Thracian Gold project - Bikearea, House for books and adventures, Sun and Moon.

See here the photo story of Mihaela Kircheva from Beglika 2012

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