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Fair in Pelevun for first time in 18 years

Residents of Pelevun, Ivailovgrad Municipality organized on August 11, Saturday, the village fair after eighteen years breae. With the support of the Municipality of Ivaylovgrad the people from Pelevun restored their traditional to 1994 fair.

The celebration brought together dozens of people, including Mayor of Ivaylovgrad Diana Ovcharova and coordinator on tourism of "New Thracian Gold" (NTG) Mihaela Kircheva.

The celebration included a tasting of traditional dishes, visit of the museum, a folklore program of the grandmothers from the village, who for first time sang in front of a large audience and performance done by the grandmothers from the Sviratchi village. Most of the guests were young people who danced till late in the night.

The village of Pelevun is nestled between the two hills of the Eastern Rhodopes at the foot of Sveti Ilia peak called by the locals "Barchinkata." It is the second largest village in the Municipality of Ivaylovgrad. A few kilometers from the village you can see the ruins of ancient fortress "Lyutitsa". Near the village (in the "Chairite" area) are the remains of Thracian dolmen, declared an archaeological monument of national importance. Nearby is the  "Byala reka Meanders" protected site. The first in the country site for feeding f Black Vulture, an endangered species was built  a few kilometers from the village. The main occupation of the local population is agriculture, mainly livestock and tobacco. Traditionally, sesame is grown, from which sesame tahini is produced.

Several local farmers started following the example of two other villages from the Eastern Rhodopes -  Gorno Pole and Rabovo and made their first steps on the way for combining the traditional agriculture with rural tourism. With NTG support, the preparation of the tourist attraction “The route of cheese“ by Huskovi family is in its final stage. The family got the approval for funding under the Operational Programme for Rural Development, which they are going to use for the renovation and and furnishing a guest house in the village.

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