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Record number of rare Griffon vulture in the Eastern Rhodopes

Between March 3 and 13 2011 a team of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds counted a record number of pairs of the rare Griffon vulture on the territory of the Eastern Rhodopes. Kardzhali region is the only place in Bulgaria where this protected species nests along the right bank of Studen kladenets dam.


The counting established 48 pairs, including 33 incubating ones - the largest number of pairs in the last 20 years. 9 more are the incubating compared with a year ago.


The counting data confirm the trend of the increasing of Griffon vulture numbers in the region.

In 1991 a mere 10 pairs of Griffon vulture nested in the rock niches in what was then the Vulchi Dol reserve. The local people care for their protection and breeding.

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