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Nine B&B's and Hotels in the Eastern Rhodopes with Own Tourist Portfolio

Nine B&B's and family hotels in the Eastern Rhodopes will have a tailor-made tourist portfolio. These are Luxor and Armira hotels in Ivaylovgrad, the house of Todor Mitkov in the village of Pelevun, the Wild Farm in the village of Gorno pole, the Thracian House in the village of Borislavtsi, the house of Dimo Karaboyukov in the village of Popovets, the guest house Tepavitsata in the village of Rabovo, Happy Hippy hostel in the village of Letovnik and Planinski Izgled hotel in the village of Yabalkovets.

The nine portfolios are the result of the work of two Dutch students Tomas de Gooijer and Pieter Dijk who had their student internships in the Eastern Rhodopes from 1 May to 13 July. The nine portfolios are in Englishand will be translated into Bulgarian soon.

The information in the nine portfolios describes all the interesting tourist sites located near each guest house or hotel, tips on how to reach them and how to combine it in one-day itineraries, etc.  Splendid service for the guests, who want to find out where to go and what to see. By the end of August the portfolios will be sent to the guest houses and hotels and they can use them in their promotional materials - brochures, boards, websites, profiles on social networks, etc.

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