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Training Seminar for Producers of Organic Cereals in the Eastern Rhodopes

Thirteen organic and in-conversion New Thracian Gold (NTG) target producers from the region of the Eastern Rhodopes (ER) participated in a training seminar on agro-techniques for production of organic cereals and plant protection on 4 July in the demo-organic farm in the village of Topolovo, Municipality of Madzharovo. The seminar was organized by the NTG project in partnership with Agricultural University of Plovdiv (lecturers) and a leading company in organic fertilization and organic plant protection (information, samples and demonstration, know-how and expertise).

The seminar aimed to:

  • provide knowledge and skills in growing and storing organic cereals (rye, wheat, oats, etc.), and sesame to the NTG target producers from the ER target region.

  • introduce to the trainees new EU and Bulgarian types of organic fertilisers and plant protection products that can be applied in the ER organic farms.

The four trainers and advisors have covered the topics related to organic grain production, incl. resistant varieties, growing techniques, harvesting and storage, plant protection, certification, processing and trade, etc. A number of options were introduced in order to restore and maintain soil fertility using local resources and modern organic additives and tools. Practical on-field advices were provided as well. Advisors committed themselves to provide regular assistance to the ER organic producers, both on-site and on-line.

The NTG coordinator on organic farming Dr. V.Popov and his assistant G.Koychev made additional meetings with the two target groups from Stambolovo (organic grape and wine producers) and Ivajlovgrad (sesame and grain producers) in order to coordinate and fine-tune the use of new agricultural machinery and equipment and to clarify questions related to production and marketing of the ER organic and in-conversion products.

The programme provided sufficient time for informal discussions during which producers, processors and trainers shared experience and knowledge.

A number of brochures and guides on organic grain production as well as organic fertilization and plant protection were distributed among the seminar participants.

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