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The Eastern Rhodopes Presented in Tourism Packages

Four municipalities in the region of Kardzhali take part in the developing of joint tourism packages. Momchilgrad takes the lead in the project “The Eastern world of the Rhodope Mountain”, the partners are the municipalities of Kardzhali, Kirkovo and Krumovgrad, Standart daily informs.

"In the region of the Eastern Rhodopes are not only exceptional megalithic monuments like Perperikon and Tatul, rock niches, the ancient observatory Harman Kaya, but also many natural phenomena like the Stone Wedding and the Stone Mushrooms. With the special tourist packages we hope to attract and show the tourists not just a single site, but a multitude of destination”, Nebahat Usain, Head of the European Programs and Projects Department in the Momchilgrad Municipality says.

“The Eastern world of the Rhodope Mountain” has a budget of  BGN 500 000 and is executed under the Regional Development Operational Program. Later on, especially after the opening of the check point Makaza the tourism packages will also include sites in the neighbouring countries Greece and Turkey.

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