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New Observation&Photo Hide in Studen Kladenets

   The Dutch journalists who visited the Еastern Rhodopes last week were the first visitors of  the new observation&photo hide  for vultures in the hunting reserve “Studen kladenets”. A minor construction work has to be done and the hide will be soon open for booking.

The hide is built by the hunting society with expertise and financial help  of New Thracian Gold. It can accommodate 4 observers/photographers.

A very attractive feature of the hide is the wireless internet, which allows photographers instant uploading of pictures to their websites or share the images on social networks. Webcams (daylight and night vision) are about to be installed for real-time observation via internet.

Electricity is provided by a photovoltaic power cell on the roof. Studen Kladenets hide is the first ever in Bulgaria hide with a photovoltaic power supply.

A water pool is about to be build in front of the shelter as well to attract various birds and animals.This of course will boost the opportunities for the nature lovers and photographers visiting the hide.

Hunting reserve “Studen kladenets” is located south of the Studen kladenets dam-lake. Its covers an area of 5577 ha. The reserve and its surroundings are inhabited by over 1,000 fallow deer, which are an important food source for the vultures. More than half of the Bulgarian population of Griffon Vultures breeds around the reserve and a major part of the population of the Egyptian vulture. The Black vulture which is also a regular visitor nowadays only breeds in the nearby Dadia reserve in Greece.

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